Zoom GPRS Tracker


The first tracking device with real time updates every 30 seconds. Tiny, accurate, discreet and reliable. Using cutting edge mapping from Google and Digital Mapping makes this unit one of the most accurate available.


Up to 20 hours of continous tracking
Small 64.66 X 14.19 X 22.81 mm
Lightweight only 85 grams
Operational temperature -5 to 60 c
Tri Band 850/1800/1900 MHZ
Cold start first fix in 42 seconds
Warm start 38 seconds to fix
One second to hot start reacquisition
GEO Fence, Exit and enter area
GPS assist using GSM Network
Durable and water resistant housing

Optional battery pack with motion detection sends tracker into hibernation mode after 5 minutes of no movement

Battery pack is housed in a waterproof, crushproof case with 50 pound magnet


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